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My Stuttering Life

Sep 8, 2019

If you are a person who stutters then I know this has happened to you.  When you are dialing a number and get ready to speak but nothing comes out and the other caller makes a rude remark (in my case) and hangs up on you it can be very devastating.  The after effects usually, in my case, resulted in falling back into my dark place for a while until I recovered.  I have learned that you have to keep moving forward and keep making those phone calls.  I learned to embrace my stutter and not fight it.  I learned that I will make mistakes but I will learn from them and keep moving forward.

If this has happened to you, send me a voice message and let me know how you dealt with it.  We are all different in our stuttering journey but we have a common bond that we are not alone. Let's help one another and share our stories so that we can use this as a teaching moment moving forward. 

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