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My Stuttering Life

Jan 14, 2023

Today’s featured guest is Pixie-Ray Price.  Pixie experienced a reoccurrence of a childhood stammer brought on through lockdown and the trauma of losing her mum to suicide.   I believe that there is healing in sharing, and I want to thank Pixie for sharing her story with me today.


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Jan 13, 2023

Today’s featured guest is Hayden Downs.  Hayden is a 20-year-old person who stutters from Nashville, TN. He is currently a junior at Baylor University and is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences & Disorder. He plans to pursue a master's degree as well as a clinical doctorate in Speech-Language...

Jan 5, 2023

Today’s featured guest is Joe Dilling.  Having left the Army at the start of this year, Joe Dilling is now a Personal Trainer where he works in person and online. Joe has had a stammer since a young age but hasn't let it stop him from getting to where he wants to be in life. Now, Joe uses his experience in the Army,...

Dec 28, 2022

Today’s featured guest is Josh Simpson.  Josh is happily married to his wife of one year (celebrated their first anniversary last month) in their home in southern Utah. He was born and raised in New England, where his family still lives. Josh works full time, but still makes time for his hobbies and date nights with...

Dec 19, 2022

Today’s featured guest is Malachi Kanfer.  Malachi Kanfer has served as the Cantor at Sutton Place Synagogue in Midtown, Manhattan since 2020. Previously, Malachi served as the Cantor and Youth Education Director of Congregation B’nai Jacob in New Haven, Connecticut, from 2013-2020, and as the High Holidays Cantor...