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My Stuttering Life

Jan 26, 2020

Today’s episode features some amazing, courageous and phenomenal contributors to the Stuttering Community.  My call to action was to create an episode of #1 Tips for PWS and these tips will no doubt help those who are struggling with their stutter.  I am honored to showcase these amazing contributors on this podcast episode.  I have attached their links down below if you wish to reach out.  If you have a #1 Tip, please click the SpeakPipe link and leave your voice message that I will add to a future episode.

Thank you to the following contributors:

  1. LeRon Barton -
  2. Aaron Toubian -
  3. Jaleesa Bygrave -
  4. James Hayden -,, ,
  5. Chase Gillis - ,
  6. Daniele Rossi - ,
  7. Angella Marston - ,
  8. Rama Siva -
  9. Daniel Lopriore - ,
  10. Callum Schofield - ,

Thank you to Epidemic Sound for the intro/outro music.

Thank you, Mike Russell, for that AMAZING outro:

If you wish you send me your #1 Tip, click on this link and record your voice message: 

For correspondence/inquiries/merchandise: Pedro Peña, PO Box 1585, La Porte, Texas USA 77572