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My Stuttering Life

Jan 30, 2021

Today’s featured guest is Daniel Francis.  Daniel Francis is a Communication and Public Speaking Coach for people who stutter. Daniel helps people who stutter, overcome their stuttering blocks and anxiety by learning the fundamentals of public speaking. Daniel struggled with his communication his entire life, and he is dedicated to help others unlock their communication potential. Daniel has publicly spoken on stage in front of 1000s, ran 100s of public speaking events, has sold 3000 sales door to door (Knocked on 100,000 residential doors), and was a sales director of a 4 Million dollar business by the day of 25 years old. He also lives in Grimsby, Ontario with his amazing girlfriend soon to be wife one day and is on a mission to truly impact the communication and speech industry in a positive way.  I believe that there is healing in sharing and I would like to Thank Daniel for sharing his story with us. Lastly, claim your free ticket and attend the 30 Day Speaker Summit on February 1 – 3, 2021 (2 days left – click on my affiliate link):

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