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My Stuttering Life

Jun 26, 2019

Today’s podcast has a special guest, Jason Curtis. Mr. Curtis has been involved with horses and horse shows for the majority of his life.  For many years he had operated Oakridge Farms, a breeding & boarding operation in Florida, but decided to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time horse show announcer.  He started announcing at a local horse show when he was asked to fill in for the regular announcer. The rest as they say is history, today he announces shows nationwide. In addition to announcing, Jason is producing his equine podcast series “Welcome to the Barn” available on all major podcast directories including iTunes and Google Play.  He has been featured in World Dressage News, has announced the equestrian portion of the Modern Pentathlon and in January of 2015 he announced the first ever USEF recognized Western Dressage show. He is a regular announcer at many hunter and jumper shows in Florida and dressage shows up and down the East coast of the United States. Mr. Curtis is also a person who stuttered as a young man, but has learned ways to mostly control his stutter.  

I would like thank Mr. Curtis for his bravery in sharing his story for the first time on this podcast as a person who stutters; there’s healing in sharing.  

For more information on Jason Curtis, you can visit his website:

I would like to answer thank my listeners: Woody Robert Gallagher, Ann Kulichik, Andre Magno & George Molina for their great question submissions for this interview.