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My Stuttering Life

Jul 6, 2019

Today's featured guest is Matice Ahnjamine. Matice is a published author of first her book titled:  The Product of My Selfishness: The Stutter and the Story.  As someone who stutters, Matice wanted to encourage and educate stutterers and non-stutterers alike about the challenges people who stutter face.  Keeping with that same mission, she started a YouTube channel in July 2017 that focuses on how she and others can live their best life with a stutter.  Through YouTube, she has a platform that spans six of the seven continents.  (She is determined to find someone who stutters in Antarctica!) No matter what she is doing or where she is going, Matice lives by two mottos: “Progress, not perfection,” and “Onward and upward.”  Always, in all ways.   Matice is an inspiration to everyone and for more information, you can visit her on: YouTube Channel:  Instagram: