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My Stuttering Life

Apr 14, 2021

Today’s featured guest is Maria Humphreys.  Maria is the Founder of the Strong Body Strong Soul platform; she describes herself as a Spiritual Activist. This means she uses her energy, the power of her voice to help people shift into a more conscious state of being. Her podcast STRONG BODY STRONG SOUL has over 80K downloads to date She is a featured teacher on the INSIGHTTIMER Meditation App and offers meditations weekly in her Meditation with Maria Private Group on FACEBOOK. She firmly believes that technology is a gift that can be used to raise the level of positive energy in this world and help us connect with likeminded souls. She is not afraid to push buttons, both figuratively and literally. She believes perfection is overrated and is often a very misunderstood concept. Through her workshops and personal coaching sessions, she helps people reignite the power of their own energy signature to improve their lives in profound ways.  Thank you, Maria, for sharing your meditation practices with us and I am very thankful that I found mindful meditation to help me in all facets of my life.

(Note:  There will be a video version of this podcast on YouTube soon so please do not attempt these meditation practices while driving!)

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