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My Stuttering Life

Jan 16, 2021

Today we are talking about the new social media app – Clubhouse.  I’ve only been on it for a week, but I have already gained so much knowledge from some amazing speakers that I can apply it to assist me in my journey as a PWS.  I knew nothing of this app until a few weeks ago and it is still in beta, but I believe that this app is going to be so beneficial for those who want to learn and grow.  I have added the link to the article below describing the app and I encourage everyone to check it out.  There are some unique aspects to this app in that it is only for Apple right now; there will be an Android version later and it is by invitation only.  (I would like to thank John V. for inviting me to this app) I would love to see more PWS on this app because we have a voice and what we say has value.   

Find me on Clubhouse app:  @mslpodcast

For more information on Clubhouse App

Article: What is Clubhouse? The Exclusive Social Media App Backed by Your Favourite Celebrity.

Affirmation App:  Think Up – Positive Affirmations, Daily Motivation (available on Apple iTunes & Google Play)

(Full disclosure: I am not sponsored by these apps)

Email me - your clubhouse room suggestions so we can create it ASAP and start connecting! 

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Thank you to Mike Russell for that voice over outro.

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