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My Stuttering Life

Dec 2, 2018

There is no magic pill to cure stuttering (sorry for that cold hard fact). However, there are speech therapies, devices, and drugs that may help with fluency. I have had amazing speech therapists help me along my journey along with hypnosis to assist me with fluency. There is a video on YouTube from Steve Harvey that had a guest who has a stutter and was asking for advice. Steve Harvey stated that stuttering is curable and that he could cure her stutter in 1 hour. This statement was unfortunate. If there was a cure for stuttering, I would be the first one in line with my credit card in hand. I credit my fluency to my speech therapists and hypnosis so what you are hearing now is 20 years of hard work. If you stutter, you are not alone and there is a community out there for support and guidance. You find the technique that works for you. If you would like to see this video, here is the link: