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My Stuttering Life

Jan 2, 2020

Over the years I have learned a few things about my stuttering and one of the big takeaways is disclosure.  I find that it is so much easier to disclose my stuttering so that the other individual knows what it is, what to expect, and how to appropriately respond and/or interact during our conversation.  Disclosure is my #1 Tip for people who stutter and I would like to know what is your #1 Tip for people who stutter.  This would be a such a great benefit to all PWS around the globe so that they can learn from us the many tips and techniques that help us in our speech journey.  You can send me your voice message to my Speak Pipe website: .  I will use your #1 tip in my next episode.

Thank you to Epidemic Sound for the intro/outro music.

Thank you, Izabella Russell, for that AMAZING outro music:

Thank you to Sally McKee from College Station, Texas, for your #1 Tip for PWS.

Thank you to my friend in the UK, Mike Burton, from the Genuine Chit-Chat podcast for that AWESOME PODCAST INTRODUCTION – YOU ROCK !!!!.

The Genuine Chit-Chat Podcast has a different guest and topic every episode and no subject is off limits.  You can find this AWESOME podcast at:

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