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My Stuttering Life

Aug 5, 2019

It is true that we learn something new everyday and today is no different.  I came across a great tool to use if you are ever pulled over by the police, asked a question or to just educate people what what stuttering is.  This helpful tool looks like a business card but on the front of this card states, "I am a person who stutters".  The card explains what Stuttering is so that we can erase the stigma that is associated with this condition.  I wish this was around when I was pulled over by the police (twice for speeding) and it would have made the experience a little more bearable.  Instead, I was spuddering, spitting, and trying to say my name.  If I had this card, I would have been able to give it to the officer and hopefully it would explain my lack of answering his questions.  I am all about education and I try to educate as many people as I can about stuttering so that with understanding comes compassion and empathy.  

For more information on how to obtain your card for free, visit:

You can also contact them at (800) 992-9392

For those who want to see the video version of this podcast, I will be recording it this weekend so log onto YouTube to see my video on "My Stuttering Life". I believe that there is healing in sharing.