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My Stuttering Life

Apr 22, 2020

Today’s featured guest is Sherrikka Myers. Every 1 Voice Matters is a nonprofit designed to help kids break down communicative and social barriers such as stuttering, self-esteem, self-confidence and bullying to improve their quality of life. Founder, Sherrikka Myers, grew up stuttering in a single-family household with limited resources. She used the only resource available to her to control her stuttering, which was a book. Reading out loud, instead of quietly to herself, is what helped her overcome stuttering and changed the trajectory of her life. After finding out her first grandchild Herbie stuttered, too, she decided to go back to school and start her nonprofit organization to help other kids in her community and around the world. I believe that there is healing in sharing and I would like to Thank Sherrikka Myers for sharing her story with us.

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