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My Stuttering Life

Jul 2, 2023

Today’s featured guest is Danny Miguel.  Danny is 34 years old and lives in Connecticut.  He states, “I started stuttering surprisingly at 18 which is kind of odd since most stutterers develop stuttering during their adolescent years. I became a situational stutterer, often long pauses and struggled with it for 15 years until I found a program and book late last year. After 2-3 months of diligently immersing myself in the author’s methods, I overcame my stutter which brings me here to discuss a little bit more about the book and program”.  When asked if speech therapy helped during that time period, he stated, “I only attended speech therapy in 2019 (February-August) Never found it to be helpful, but the book and program helped me a lot in just a month or two. I started earlier this year with the book and found success after 2-3 months where I could no longer be a detectable stutterer. Hear this journey of a PWS (Person Who Stutters) become a PWSS (Person Who Stopped Stuttering) through the use of a book and program that’s changing lives throughout the world”.  I believe that there is healing in sharing, and I want to thank Danny for sharing his story with me today.



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