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My Stuttering Life

Mar 12, 2020

This episode was recorded in Orlando, Florida, at the Podfest Expo 2020 ( I was honored to have spoken at the Pecha Kucha portion of the expo and my title was “The Stuttering Podcaster”.  I spent months and months preparing for this 5-minute presentation where I discussed the origin of my podcast and the main component of it which is to raise awareness about Stuttering.  I also had the privilege and honor to speak with Evan Sherman, SLP, and continue our conversation in part two of this episode.  Thank you, Evan Sherman, for sharing your thoughts with me on this podcast regarding global awareness and your #1 tip for PWS. 

Thank you to Noah Swiderski (owner and producer of Briton Beats) for your voice over intro and your amazing outro music.  For more information on Briton Beats, click this link:

Thank you to Epidemic Sound for the intro music.

Thank you to Mike Russell for that voice over outro.

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