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My Stuttering Life

Aug 26, 2019

What a year this has been for me.  A huge thank you to my son, Ethan,  who recorded his first jingle.  I would also like to thank my guests for their inspirational stories and my supporters for your amazing emails of encouragement.  I look forward to Season 2 of MSL podcast filled with more inspirational guests and episodes to let other PWS know that you are not alone and that we are in this together.  I believe that there is healing in sharing so let's kick off Season 2 with a BANG.  

Thank you to the Guru Warrior, David Hooper, Nicki Price, Michelenino, Maria Humphreys, Roy, Joni, Clint and Thomas Kenyon for your great voice messages.  I will be adding more as they come in and I'm so blessed to have this platform to share my life experiences as a PWS. 

For more information on these great podcasts, here are the links: -->  Jeanine - The Guru Warrior Podcast -->  Nicki Price - Brother to Brother 80s 90s Movie Podcast -->  Maria Humphreys - Strong Body Strong Soul Podcast -->  Clint Glaze -->  Thomas Kenyon - In The Film World -  David Hooper - Build a Big Podcast - David Hooper - Red / The Marketing Podcast for Experts

If you would like to send me a voice message, you can use the Anchor app or use the recorder app on your cell phone and mail that file to:

Thank you for allowing me share my journey !