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My Stuttering Life

Mar 25, 2023

Today’s featured guest is Dr. Mobbassar Hassan Sk.  Dr. Hassan is a Materials and Physical Scientist by training and profession. He graduated with a PhD in Materials Science from Auburn University, United States.  He is presently working in the Department of Chemistry, at the University of Cambridge as a research associate.  Dr. Hassan is a scientist with life-long stammering, he uses a speech synthesizer to deliver his lectures and conference talks to finish them on time. He shared his techniques of facilitating his conference talks in a recent publication in Nature, and on the website of the British Stammering association, STAMMA.   He recently attended a STARFISH stammering recovery speech course supported by his department and his project sponsor bp-ICAM, and now he thinks himself as a recovering stammerer with the techniques he learned in that course and would like to share that sample techniques with everyone.  I believe that there is healing in sharing, and I want to thank Dr. Hassan for sharing his story with me today.



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