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My Stuttering Life

Apr 19, 2020

This interview was recorded before Covid-19. Today’s featured guest is Hakim Erwin. Mr. Erwin was born and raised in West Philadelphia, PA and graduated from Edward Bok High School in 1991.  An avid hip hop music lover in his teenage years through his mid-20s, he enjoyed a brief career in the music industry where he served as an audio engineer and an intern & assistant A&R representative with Ruffhouse Columbia Records in Philadelphia.  In 2003, he was called into Ministry and became a licensed and ordained minister. He graduated in 2011 after studying Theology for six years at the Jameson School of Ministry. Presently, he is the creator and host of the #Just Jump Podcast as well as the owner of GFF Life, LLC (Greater Faith & Favor Life, LLC) providing life, leadership, and public speaking training/coaching services primarily for faith-based individuals.  Mr. Erwin also recently completed his first book, The Blue Folder:  The Art of Spiritual War, due for release in late 2020. I believe that there is healing in sharing and I would like to Thank Hakim Erwin for sharing his story with us.

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